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  • Deductions for lunch breaks and rest breaks even if you don’t take the break

  • Performing work before, or after you have clocked in, regardless of whether your employer allows it or requires it

  •  Coming in to work on your day off

  • Paying you for less than the time you spend actually working or preparing for work.

In some circumstances, a boss may tell you to come in on your day off for a staff meeting, or to perform inventory, or some other job-related task. If the employer does not pay you for the time, this is considered off the clock work, and is illegal. In fact, any time that you are actually working, or getting ready for work (if it is on site), is generally considered to be time that you should be getting paid.


Along with those types of off the clock work, some industries have a habit of deducting a lunch break or rest break from employees’ pay, even if they don’t take that break. This too, is illegal. In fact, breaks under 20 minutes should generally be paid breaks. Breaks longer than 20 minutes may be time that should be paid if the employee does not truly have a “break.”

Shaving time is also impermissible. Companies are not allowed to pay employees for less than they actually work, so any attempts to pay them less is generally illegal.

Requiring Employees to Work Off the Clock