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If you worked as a server for Kellan Restaurant Management at one of its 54th Street Grill locations, please


to learn more about the case and your right to participate.

The Hodgson Law Firm LLC has filed a wage and hour collective action against Kellan Restaurant Management Corporation, a Missouri based corporation doing business nationwide. The plaintiffs were employed by Kellan as servers and bartenders at their 54th Street Grill locations. The plaintiffs were required to perform non-tip-producing work that was integral and indispensable to their job before, during and after their shift for which she was not paid the minimum wage. The plaintiffs seek unpaid minimum wages and overtime premium pay on behalf of themselves and a class of similarly situated servers.

Case Title: Terri Pierce, Ashliegh Bobbitt and Rebecca Brinkman v. Kellan Restaurant Management Corporation

​​Case No: 1216-CV23338

Filed in: Arbitration

Kellan Restaurant Management (54TH Street Grill and Bar) Wage and Hour Collective Action

Kellen Restaurant Management   Wage and Hour Collective Action