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Teaching Companies minimize the risk of FLSA litigation through training and auditing

In 2013, over 7,500 separate lawsuits were brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act.  FLSA litigation has exploded in recent years, and no business is 100% immune from risks. As more employees become aware of their rights, and more attorneys look for new ways to bring lawsuits, FLSA litigation is expected to rise exponentially. 

From a business standpoint, because a single plaintiff can bring a group action, businesses face a dramatically larger risk of loss in this type of litigation than in other employment-related litigation. Further, because the Department of Labor ceased issuing opinion letters to employers wanting to find out whether they pay their employees correctly. Businesses are left with little choice but to hire counsel to advise them on their risks, or face the potential of disastrous loss.

In addition to the Plaintiffs’ litigation practice, The Hodgson Law Firm, L.L.C. also helps businesses understand their obligations to fairly compensate their employees.

The Hodgson Law Firm, L.L.C. offers the following solutions to meet small and medium-sized companies’ needs for understanding the Fair Labor Standards Act:


  • Corporate Seminars on wage-related issues
  • Human Resource Training to help Human Resources Personnel 
  • Helping General Counsel identify potential wage payment issues before the company is faced with exposure
  • Audits of job positions to help small and medium-sized businesses assess and minimize their FLSA risk

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