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At The Hodgson Law Firm, we take pride in helping employees assert their rights with respect to their employer. We represent employees on a broad variety of issues, including fair pay, wage rights, back wages, overtime compensation, severance agreements, discrimination and harassment claims, and wrongful termination. We also provide consultation to employees who don’t know what their rights are and help them make informed decisions with respect to their jobs. We will offer a free, private, confidential consultation. When we ultimately represent you, we will fight hard for your rights for recovery under the law.

The Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets requirements about how and when employers must pay their employees, including overtime compensation, minimum wages, bonuses and commissions, and in some circumstances, how and when meals and breaks should be paid. Since 1938, the FLSA has afforded protections to nearly every employee in the United States.  Please browse this site to learn more about your rights as an employee. 

                      Practice Areas 

  •                         Wrongful Termination
  •                          Job Discrimination (gender discrimination, 

                              age discrimination, race discrimination)

  •                          Sexual Harassment
  •                          Retirement and Employee Benefits
  •                          Fair Labor Standards Act - FLSA
  •                          State Wage Law
  •                          Retaliation
  •                          Breach of Contract
  •                          Overtime Compensation
  •                          Unpaid Commissions
  •                          On Call Time
  •                          Off the Clock Work
  •                          Far Pay
  •                          Back Wages
  •                          Severance Agreements